Roc R. Currius

  • Computer Graphics and
  • Game Engine Programming

Spherical Gaussian Light-field Textures for Fast Precomputed Global Illumination

Roc R. Currius, Dan Dolonius, Ulf Assarsson, Erik Sintorn


We describe a method to use Spherical Gaussians with free directions and arbitrary sharpness and amplitude to approximate the precomputed local light field for any point on a surface in a scene. This allows for a high-quality reconstruction of these light fields in a manner that can be used to render the surfaces with precomputed global illumination in real-time with very low cost both in memory and performance. We also extend this concept to represent the illumination-weighted environment visibility, allowing for high-quality reflections of the distant environment with both surface-material properties and visibility taken into account. We treat obtaining the Spherical Gaussians as an optimization problem for which we train a Convolutional Neural Network to produce appropriate values for each of the Spherical Gaussians' parameters. We define this CNN in such a way that the produced parameters can be interpolated between adjacent local light fields while keeping the illumination in the intermediate points coherent.


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